We have been hearing from different sources about the possibilities of IOT (Internet of Things) in the industry for quite some time now. However, the ideas about this are still not very concrete. Because everything moves faster than you think, the emphasis lies on looking forward anyway: Make sure your equipment is ready for the ‘ Fourth Industrial Revolution ‘.

This Fourth Industrial Revolution is powered by the Interconnections of things. With smart sensors on a machine, we can use real-time data for maintenance, link production data to an ERP system, or a combined view of the status of every machine. But there are many more opportunities to optimize the output of your equipment.

System Integrator

At the moment, several kinds of solutions are available, like ERP integration or sensory for maintenance. Everyone is trying something, but everyone is trying something else. There is not yet a platform for hardware and software on which we can connect ALL data.

PlantmatiQ thinks like a system integrator: “combining production and maintenance data on one platform will be self-evident in the future”. Therefore, when updating your operating system, we explicitly consider all possible IIOT scenarios. Flexibility is standard.

Want to learn more about PlantmatiQ’s Upgrade Plan?

Our upgrade plan is a complete overview of both problems and solutions regarding your machine. In this program, we will analyze the functionality of the machine and research the upgrade options. At the end, you will be offered an outline of the machine’s current state, its potential, and the pay-offs of a control system upgrade.

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