Get the most out of your machine

Our customers often share their frustrations about their older machines. “Lack of flexibility” is probably on the top of the list. With an upgraded control system, you can adapt your machine to today’s production requirements. A whole world of possibilities awaits you…

To name just a few:

  • A touchscreen instead of buttons
  • Easier connection to the world outside
  • Integration of your machine into an existing plantwide system
  • Customizations: what should the machine be able to do right now? 

And what would be needed for the future, if you want to make a different product? With an upgraded control system you can anticipate on existing and future requirements.



To identify your wishes for the machine, we would like to talk to everyone involved in the machine. From operator, production manager, owner to technician: they all have their own demands, desires and knowledge. How does the machine perform now? How should it perform? What would be the first problem to tackle? What should be the most important objective (e.g. downtime reduction, production increase)?


Why PlantmatiQ?

We will make an inventory of the current situation of your machine, and use this for an Upgrade Plan. Our upgrade plan is a complete overview of both problems and solutions regarding your machine. In this program, we will analyze the functionality of the machine and research the upgrade options. At the end, you will be offered an outline of the machine’s current state, its potential, and the pay-offs of a control system upgrade.

We can implement this plan for you, if desired. For the implementation, we use components from brands like Allen-Bradley or Siemens, because of their quality and long-term availability.

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