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IIoT -Industry 4.0

In process manufacturing, production efficiency in the plants is everything.

Narrow margins keep manufacturers always for the lookout to increase productivity. Especially in times of high uncertainty and low growth, manufacturers are forced to squeeze every asset for maximum value.

The low hanging fruit to boost profitability is their own data.


Plants manage machine break downs by commissioning someone in the plant who uses a combination of instinct and experience.

Through regular checkups they assume this person will notice  the indications of a production machine that is about to break down, and try to repair it beforehand. 

However, with more machines to control, and continuous  pressure to increase uptime and productivity, availability of such experienced people is no longer a viable strategy.


Manufacturers can maximize the operating time of machines by using data to anticipate when maintenance is needed.

PlantmatiQ’s “Quantimo” predictive maintenance system gathers historical data (structured and unstructured, machine- and non-machine-based) to generate insights that can’t be observed with conventional means/systems.

This data can be used to determine the circumstances that cause a machine to break down. In addition, input data can be monitored and intervene before a breakdown happens, or be ready to replace it when it does. In this way downtime is minimized.

Predictive maintenance typically reduces machine downtime by 30 – 50% and increases machine life by 20 – 40%.


The “Quantimo” predictive maintenance system provides a real time insight in the production of all machines connected to the network.

Errors can be recognized at an early stage and eliminated immediately. For this, only one system has to be managed, reducing the administration efforts.

The Next Step

Small percentage improvements in operational efficiency can significantly improve profits .

The Yield Energy Throughput (YET) approach does that by balancing yield, throughput, and material costs, to maximize the profitability of each process step.

In the same way predictive maintenance can improve uptime of a machine, YET analysis can maximize its effectiveness.

Sometimes the changes suggested by a YET model can be simple: Many manufacturers build a performance dashboard of YET analysis in the control room that is fed with live data from operations.

This enables production personnel to change operating conditions as indicated by the analysis.

How PlantmatiQ Makes You Successful

Increase Capacity

With PlantmatiQ you'll increase the capacity utilization of your machinepark

Recognize Errors

You'll recognize errors at an early stage, and eliminate them immediately

Available Evaluations

You can be audited at any time, as all evaluations are available to you

Process Transparency

PlantmatiQ helps you gain full transparency on your processes

One System Management

You'll manage only one system and reduce your administration efforts

Advanced MES

You'll have one of the world’s most advanced MES systems

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