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We give machines their health and vitality back! 

Both new and older machines can be revitalized with the newest technology. We do this by upgrading your machines’ control system. A control system upgrade results in a longer life span, higher reliability, and new and sophisticated functionalities to your machines.

Reach your Highest Production Potential

We help your machines to reach their Highest Production Potential by upgrading their control system.

Highest Production Potential

A machine’s Highest Production Potential (HPP) signifies the best performance a machine can deliver. It consists of two elements: the highest possible uptime, and the highest possible productivity within uptime-hours.

Upgrading components

A machine can be improved by upgrading its components. It’s a misunderstanding that only malfunctioning machines need an upgrade; a well-functioning machine also benefits from an upgrade when it performs under its HPP.​

Creative solutions

We believe many machines unknowingly perform under their HPP. Even when the production process runs properly, there can be much potential hidden and unused.​

Extend the benefits of a healthy machine

PlantmatiQ renews the lifespan of your machines by upgrading their control system.


We see the control system as a machine’s nervous system: it’s the key to a renewed vitality. An upgrade of the control system makes the machine reliable and serviceable again.


An advanced control system opens the door to new features and functionalities. Your machine is up-to-date again for a long time to come, whilst saving money on replacing your old machinery!


Knowing how the old can be advanced, means knowing how the new should be developed. The improvements in your current machines can be passed along in the newest line of machinery.

Interested in increasing uptime, increasing profits and building a more stable business? Start with a personal upgrade plan!


What is a control system upgrade?

Underperformance of a machine is often caused by malfunction components of a machine’s control system. Electrical control systems age, affecting their reliability.

After mapping your machine’s current control system, its future requirements will be determined. This results in the design and construction of a new architecture, with up-to-date hardware and software.

This upgraded control system will be integrated into your machine.

Why a control system upgrade?

A control system upgrade gives a machine its vitality back, resulting in more uptime and more productivity within uptime-hours. With that, the machine will get it closer to its HPP. Besides that, there are many more positive effects of an upgraded control system:

Tailored to your needs

This upgrade not only extends the lifespan of your machine, but it can also add new functionality. This can be done in any way you, the user of the machine, would see fit. For instance, we can install features that will improve user-friendliness, enhance user-safety, or even reduce energy consumption.

Reliable uptime

We only implement control systems with the newest hardware and software features, so that the machine will be reliable again now and a long time into the future.

New serviceability

The problem with many current control systems is that their components are obsolete and spare-parts are no longer available. We want to avoid that a stand-still becomes a shut-down by using only state of the art equipment that will be available for at least another 10 years.

Lower production costs

More uptime guarantees more output, thereby lowering the fixed costs per product.

Why PlantmatiQ?

Our experts are specialized in hardware from Allen Bradley and Siemens. They are experienced in production, printing, packaging, and other machinery all over the world.  

Our experts constantly keep themselves updated on the latest innovations and techniques in the field of hardware and software. We exclusively design and install state of the art components for the control system of your machine. 

We have the knowledge to make a plan for smart manufacturing within (almost) any given machine. 

Why PlantmatiQ

The upgrade plan

Our collaboration will kick off with an upgrade plan: a complete overview of both problems and solutions regarding your machine. In this program, we will analyze the functionality of the machine and research the upgrade options. At the end, you will be offered an outline of the machine’s current state, its potential, and the pay-offs of a control system upgrade.

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    What clients say 

    PlantmatiQ knows the mechanical side of machines as well as the software they run on. This enables them to look at a machine in a complete and intelligent way. They were able to help us out quickly and entirely to our satisfaction. Where we were struggling for a while, PlantmatiQ saw the solution immediately.
    Remco van der Duin
    Sales Engineer @ Routeco
    PlantmatiQ refurbished a Van Dam lid printer with an Allen Bradley control system, so that the electronic components are completely new again. PlantmatiQ is pleasant and professional in their interaction, and flexible in their approach. We are happy with the work they did for us.
    Marcel Broers
    Sales Director @ Van Dam
    PlantmatiQ's way of working is both fast and reliable. We had a good collaboration and we were more than satisfied with the work they did for us.
    Cory Fox
    Printing Department Manager @ East Jordan Plastics
    Thanks to PlantmatiQ's knowledge and expertise, we have been able to take large steps in the improvement of our machines. They managed to look beyond the specific problem and were therefore able to offer a complete solution. This was a solution that exceeded our expectations by far.
    Hendrik Hol
    Director/Owner @ H.S.S.

    Our clients

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