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Manufacturing Industry

As a solution provider PlantmatiQ strives to add value to our clients especially OEMs.
OEMs can benefit from our services through our approach of standardisation.

Together we partner with OEMs to improve the turnaround time of the required solutions, reduce the engineering costs and  increase their profitability. Through our interest in understanding international standards we ensure that OEMs are compliant locally and internationally.


The VanDam company manufactures machines for decoration of rigid plastic packaging like cups, tubs and pails. They want to increase business from their existing customer base.

Part of this is offering refurbishment of used VanDam machinery. 

The age of control systems of these machines causes maintenance problems. These systems should be replaced during refurbishment. However, VanDam lacks capacity to design and build new control systems.


PlantmatiQ made an inventory of the current system and the customer’s requirements, in cooperation with VanDam.

The following steps were taken:

  • Design of new system hardware
  • Design of new system software
  • Assembly of the control cabinets
  • Shipment of the electrical cabinets to VanDam’s workshop for installation
  • Commissioning of the new control systems on location

The Next Step

With PlantmatiQ’s control system upgrade, VanDam can extend the maintenance and upgrade service for their existing customers.

In addition to an improvement of the machine’s reliabilty, an upgraded control system offers VanDam’s customers the opportunity to make their machines future proof: The new control system comes with new functionalities, like remote support and production data collection for improvement of the OEE.

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