A simple calculation: 1/3 = 10

PlantmatiQ knows its way in the (niche) world of graphic machines and machines in the plastic processing industry. For these machines -and for almost all other machines in other branches- we can follow a similar calculation when it comes to the question of replacing or overhauling a machine. For 1/3 of the price of a new machine, you can add another 10 great new machine years!

Every technician or production manager knows the problem: Over time your machine starts to falter, regardless how well it is maintained. This is because electronics last significantly shorter than the mechanical parts of a machine. To make matters worse, replacement parts may be no longer available, or only at high cost.

Extended lifespan

What to do? Do you invest in a new machine, or do you choose for an overhaul? Let’s figure this out: A new machine costs for example 600,000 euro. If you have your machine overhauled, you have spent 200,000 euro for a new operating system. That may seem costly. But let’s suppose you have bought a machine with a RIO of 10 years, and this machine has been producing for 15 years now. For 1/3 of the price of a new machine you can add another 10 years – or more.

Scan your machine

We will check the possibilities for extension of your machine’s lifespan, and present the results in our Upgrade Plan. With our Plan, you can check if an upgrade of your machine is an economically interesting option: What will be my benefits, and what are the costs to achieve this? 

The costs for making this Upgrade Plan are on average 3,000 euro. This will be partially refunded if you choose to have it implemented by PlantmatiQ.

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