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Smart Farming: Sense - Analyse - Act

Every year, the demand for traceability of crop protection and fertilization agents by the food industry and governments increases. Today’s technologies make it possible to perform and check agricultural processes with higher precision than ever before.

What we DID

Packaging industry

In the packaging industry, we have equipped printing machines with new controls, to restore seamless production and maintainability (near-zero downtime).

What we DO

PlantmatiQ designs control systems and software for machinery for data collection in close cooperation with machine manufacturers (OEM) and end users.

The PlantmatiQ systems connect operational technology (OT) to information technology (IT), by making production data accessible to higher-level systems like ERP and administration systems.

The systems are designed in a modular way, in order to upscale or downscale the applications, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Industrial solutions for agricultural challenges

PlantmatiQ continues to work on its platform for controlling and monitoring agricultural activities that is both horizontally as well as vertically scalable.

A full overview of all agricultural activities in the value chain will make it possible to implement a predictive algorithm. When used for process optimization, this algorithm will reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activities.

Why PlantmatiQ?

We at PlantmatiQ have experience with replacing obsolete hardware and software with new, state-of-the-art solutions.

PlantmatiQ’s platform reduces R&D costs and development time, as its design is easily scalable and brand agnostic. Being easy to operate, these systems can make up for the shortage of skilled workers.

In addition, application of the PlantmatiQ systems reduces environmental impact by an increased precision during crop protection and fertilization in agriculture.


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