Discover the Industrial Internet of Things


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) consists of interconnected industrial and commercial devices such as sensors, machinery, and computers.

This enables services like:

  • predictive maintenance
  • efficiency monitoring (OEE), track & tracing
  • production flexibility


You should implement IIoT, because:

  • predictive maintenance reduces unscheduled downtime
  • efficiency monitoring gives more insights in machine/plant performance
  • production flexibility responds to the demand to produce small batches


By upgrading and/or extending control systems


Let us help you close the bridge between high level IT and lower level control systems



Upgrade Existing Control Systems


We found that at many manufacturing companies, unexpected electrical failures are by far the most important reason for a machine stand-still. Electrical control systems age, and their reliability typically decreases.

Since 2017, PlantmatiQ has developed, supplied and integrated control system upgrades for companies like Rotaform (document creation), Schut Systems (packaging systems), Wesan (contract printing) and GOS (plastic processing). We have gained experience in this field since 1999, with our involvement in dozens of refurbishment projects for printing machines.

During the upgrades, we don’t just replace with similar functionality: We add new features to be up to date again, using state of the art and globally supported hardware from Allen Bradley and Siemens.

Our control upgrade program is highly scalable, and can be applied for virtually any machine with older control systems.

Ready for the

State of art hardware components from Allen Bradley and Siemens

Support and

24/7 Support by remote connection

Build to

Availability of replacement parts is guaranteed for up to 10 years

Next Gen
Control system

Highly reliable PM Operating System 2.0



3-Step Route

of the current system

Design & construction
of the new system

Installation & commissioning
of the new system



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