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High-tech orchard spraying done right

While spraying you overdose and underdose. What if you could anticipate each tree’s individual needs?

PlantmatiQ’s modular C-Box system improves any kind of sprayer: It helps you to significantly reduce spray loss, improve yield and increase worker safety.

Curious which C-Box module is perfect for you?

Industrial solution for agricultural challenges

PlantmatiQ has developed the C-Box to cover your Triple-A requirements. Addressing the accuracy of spraying is the first step in building the precision chain.

With its sensors C-Box collects data about spraying agent consumption, driving speed, wind speed and location of leaf mass. It uses this information to control the spraying nozzles, thus reaching a drift reduction of max. 99,9%.

C-Box is brand independent, and due to its modularity, it gives you the freedom of stepwise installation of functionality:

  • Make your existing machinery smart(er) with a C-Box retrofit
  • Only buy the functionality you need right now
  • Add functionality when your requirements change

After realizing a high spraying accuracy, precision can be extended through the entire chain, and applied for e.g. picking, storage and sorting.

Metrics that matter

10 %

drift reduction

0 %

spraying agent use reduction

0 %

of average cost savings

PlantmatiQ C-Box benefits

No specialist knowledge among personnel is required to spray accurately

Human input becomes verifiable and correctable

GPS control adds another 5% reduction in the use of crop protection products

Retrofittable and backward compatible

Modular design: Flexible and future proof


The C-Box system was designed with modern farmer requirements in mind. Its modularity and upgradability allows it to be used in variety of fruit farming applications.

Root Pruner

C-Box 100


C-Box 200

Straddle Tractor

C-Box 300

C-Box’ user-friendly design simplifies complex processes through easy-to-use interfaces with a minimum of manual interventions. Its off-the-shelf solutions and a modular design ensure short installation time, with easy upgrading and expansion to grow with your needs.

On top of that, C-Box integrates with all types of machinery and equipment available on the market. There is no need to interfere with your machines’ internal systems: you will instantly upgrade your existing material to a smart setup.

Modularity at heart

At PlantmatiQ, we are all about reducing waste: Waste of crop protectants and fertilizers, as well as of money and valuable resources needed to operate your business.

That’s why we designed our C-Box system, with modular expansion at its core. And due to this modularity, you can easily add (or withhold) functionalities to fit your requirements, and upscale depending on your needs.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES - The future of fruit farming

PlantmatiQ is highly involved in the development of autonomous tractors with spraying machines, and of automatic filling stations.

In 2022 various pilot projects are running where C-Boxes are an essential element of the autonomous operation of agricultural vehicles.

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